Events 2007
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The Parish of Valley with Bryngwran and Caergeiliog
Rev. Neil Ridings’ Induction at Holy Trinity Church, Bryngwran 18 June, 2007
St. Michael’s Summer Fête 11 August, 2007
The   summer   fête   raised   over   £1,000.   People   started   arriving   early   in   the   morning   to set   up   and   get   things   ready   to   open   for   1.00   pm.   Even   though   the   weather   was   dull and   a   bit   windy   there   was   a   steady   flow   of   people   coming   to   have   a   look   round   and buy   things.   A   lot   of   hard   work   went   into   organising   the   event   and   everyone   pulled together as a team to help things run smoothly. This   was   a   great   success   so   thank   you   to   everyone   for   their   enthusiasm,   hard work, organisation and donations.
Harvest Supper St. David’s Church, Caergeiliog
Thanks   to   everyone   who   supported   the event   and   especially   Catrin   and   Wyn for   their   singing   and   poetry   reading.   An enjoyable time was had by all.
Harvest, 2007 St. Michael’s Church, Valley Photographs by David Lindsay
Childrens' Art Competition Holy Trinity Church, Bryngwran
November 1st - an Art Competition was held at the Church Room on the theme 'Guy Fawkes'. Here are photos of some of the winners:
Childrens' Thanksgiving Holy Trinity Church, Bryngwran Photographs by Dr Delyth Morris
The   Children's   Thanksgiving service    was    held    at    Holy Trinity     Church     Bryngwran, with    members    of    Clwb    y Drindod   taking   part,   singing, and      reading      poetry      and prayers.
Church Christmas dinner at the Valley Hotel 28 November 2007
Pre-Christmas Fête 27 October, 2007
We raised £240.45!
'Carols by Candlelight'
'Nine Lessons and Carols'
A   fantastic   time   was   had   by   all   at   the 'Carols   by   Candlelight'   service.   £198.95 was   raised   for   'The   Holyhead   Cancer Support      Group'.      Thank      you      for everyone's hard work and generosity.
Switching on the Christmas lights at Bryngwran 2 December 2007
Thanks   to   Tony   &   Shelley   Massoni   for   their   generosity again   this   year,   in   collecting   money   for   the   Church   with their    impressive    display    of    Christmas    lights,    and    to Neil   who   as   MC   had   the   honour   of   switching   them   on this year!
Bryngwran 'Mini Market'
The   money   raised   at   Bryngwran   'Mini   Market'   was   £163.55   which   all   goes   to   the   church.   Thank   you   to everyone   for   the   support   in   making   and   donating   things   and   also   to   those   who   went   along   to   buy   things.   It was a great success!