Events 2008
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The Parish of Valley with Bryngwran and Caergeiliog
Easter Flowers in St. Michael’s Church
This   cross   was   decorated   with   a flower     as     each     person     came forward    to    receive    communion, symbolising   the   Easter   message of hope and New Life.
Easter Bonnet and Easter Bunny Competitions
The     evening     was     a     great     success. Thank    you    to    Clwb    Y    Ddrindod    for performing     "Huwcyn     Cwsg"     and     to everyone    who    took    part    in    the    Easter Bonnet   and   Easter   Bunny   Competition. A   very   big   thank   you   to   our   Area   Dean, the   Rev'd   Madalaine   Brady   for   coming and   judging.   She   had   a   very   difficult   job in    deciding    the    winners    because    the entries   were   of   a   very   high   standard   as you can see from the photos!
Eisteddfod Môn Drama Festival
On   Thursday   evening,   24   April,   the   children   of   the   Trinity   Club   competed   in   the   Eisteddfod   Môn   Drama   Festival   in Llandegfan   with   their   drama   Huwcyn   Cwsg.   They   came   second   out   of   five   drama   groups   in   the   under   25   years   of   age category,   winning   a   prize   of   £130!   We   are   very   proud   of   them,   and   grateful   to   Sylvia   and   Margaret   for   training   and supporting them.
Fun Evening in Tre-Ifan playing fields, Caergeiliog 11th June 2008
Even   though   the   rain   poured   down   on   us   all,   it   didn't   dampen   the atmosphere    or    stop    us    all    enjoying    ourselves.    We    had    two competitive   football   matches,   Clwb   y   Drindod   v   The   Blues   and The Young Ones v The Oldies. The   Clwb   y   Drindod   v   The   Blues   match   finished   at   3-3   at   full   time and   Clwb   y   Drindod   won   on   penalties   3-2.   The   Young   Ones   v   The Oldies   match   finished   at   4-4   at   full   time,   went   to   penalties   and The Young   Ones   won   on   'Sudden   Death'.   The   Oldies   team   donated their runners up trophy to the Reverend for his wonderful goal! On   the   night,   £106   was   raised   for   St.   David's   Church   Caergeiliog, £218 for the playing field and £55 for Clwb y Drindod, Bryngwran. Thank   you   to   everyone   for   all   their   hard   work,   donations   and support of the evening.
Man of the Match
The Oldies v The Young Ones
Clwb y Drindod v The Blues
Winners - Clwb y Drindod
Runners-Up - The Blues
Rev. Ridings receives the Runners-Up Trophy
The Valley Playgroup
The    Valley    Playgroup    have    visited    us twice   recently.   On   25th   June   they   came for   a   visit   to   St.   Michael's   church   to   look around.   They   had   a   story   and   sang   a song,   then   went   into   the   centre   for   milk and biscuits.
On   the   16th   July   they   visited   us   again for   their   Sports   Day   which   was   held   in the   Rectory   garden.   The   sun   came   out for   us   and   kept   dry.   Everybody   had   a lovely   time   and   the   garden   was   busy with   parents   and   grandparents   coming to support.
Each     child     received     stickers after    each    race    and    then    a certificate   and   medal   at   the   end for taking part.
Visiting St. Michael's Church
Sports Day - the children with the Playgroup leaders
The children with their certificates and medals
Treasure Hunt
The   'Treasure   Hunt'   on   Sunday,   13th   July   was a    great    day    with    lots    of    fun    and    lovely sunshine.   We   were   divided   into   three   teams, Cats,   Dogs   and   Cows.   We   had   to   go   around Penrhos   Nature   Reserve   with   a   map   and   try   to find   as   many   pieces   of   pasta   as   we   could   and the   team   with   the   most   won.   In   the   end   it   was Dogs    that    won    which    was    the    Ridings    and Nason   team.   It   was   enjoyed   by   everyone   and at    times    it    became    very    competitive!    A    big thank    you    to    Bob    and    Mary    Mason    who organised   the   whole   event   and   bought   all   the ice creams at the end for the children
Summer Fête 2008
The   St.   Michael's   Garden   F   ête   was   a   huge   sucess.   We   had   beautiful   sunshine   and   plenty   of   people   walking   around.   We would   like   to   say   a   big   thank   you   to   everyone   who   made   items,   supplied   items   and   worked   so   hard   putting   the   fête together - wonderful team work! The money raised for the Parish Share is £1,427 and counting!
Bryngwran Sports Day 2008
The   evening   of   sports   was   great   fun   and   the sun   shone   for   us   this   time!   Before   the   sports activities    started    we    crowned    a    Queen    and Princess    who    were    voted    for    in    Bryngwran Primary    School.    They    were    presented    with gifts for the occasion. The    two    teams    that    played    football    were Bryngwran    v    Bodedern.    Bodedern    won    4-2. The   Oldies   v   The   Young   ones   ended   up   as   a draw.   There   was   also   cricket   and   a   golf   activity going   on   which   was   organised,   along   with   the football, by Anglesey Sports. On   the   night   £141.00   was   made   for   Bryngwran Church,      £100      for      the      playing      field      in Caergeiliog   and   £30   for   St.   David's   Church, Caergeiliog. Thank   you   to   everyone   for   all   their hard work at making it a successful evening.
Fun Musical Evening 2008
A big thank you to Martin for coming and playing the piano and making it a really enjoyable evening for both the young and the old! The winners - The Cheeky Monkeys
Harvest Festival 2008 St. Michael's Church
Harvest       Gifts       to       be donated   to   the   'LightHouse Centre'     in     Holyhead     to support   the   work   with   the homeless          and          the vulnerable.
Harvest Festival Supper, 2008 St. Michael's Church
It    was    a    really    good    night, plenty   of   lovely   food   and   two fun    games    of    Bingo.    Thank you    to    everyone    for    all    their contributions       and       support. £100.60     was     taken     on     the night for St. Michael's Church.
Switching on the Christmas Lights in Bryngwran
On    7    December,    the    Christmas lights   were   switched   on   at   7   pm by   Rev   Neil   at   Tony   &   Shellie's home.   Father   Christmas   dropped by,    and    we    all    had    wine,    soft drinks    and    mince    pies.    All    the proceeds   go   towards   Bryngwran Church    funds,    and    we    are    very grateful   once   again   to   Tony   and Shellie    for    their    hard    work    and generosity.
Family Service in St. Michael's Church
The Family Service took place on Sunday 21st December in St. Michael's, Valley. The Sunday School led us in prayers, worship and a wonderful nativity. We are very proud of all their hard work in making it a lovely service.
Carols by Candlelight in St. Michael's Church
Monday,    22    December    provided    a    lovely    evening    of    entertainment.    The church   was   full   and   was   beautifully   decorated   with   candles   and   holly   giving   a warm   welcome   to   everybody.   Many   people   took   part   including   the   Sunday School,   Brownies,   Rainbows   and   Guides.   Afterwards   we   all   had   a   cup   of mulled   wine   and   a   mince   pie   to   finish   off   a   wonderful   evening.   Thank   you   to everyone   who   put   it   all   together   and   supported   the   wonderful   cause.   We raised £216 for The Holyhead Cancer Support Group.