Events 2009
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The Parish of Valley with Bryngwran and Caergeiliog
St. David’s Day Family Service in St. Michael’s Church
During   the   service   Neil   had   one   of   the   Sunday   School   out   at   the   front   with   him. As   he   preached   he   had   him   holding   different   items.   Eventually   the   child   was   so heavily   laden   with   items   that   he   couldn't   move   properly   or   do   anything.   This illustration   was   about   not   letting   life   become   so   busy   and   stressful   that   we forget   what   Lent   is   all   about.   We   should   take   time   out   to   prepare   ourselves   for Easter.
Mothering Sunday Service in St. Michael’s Church
The   church   was   full   for   the   Mothering   Sunday   Service   at   St.   Michael's.   The Sunday   school   led   us   with   mimes   and   taught   the   congregation   a   lively   action song   reminding   us   of   God's   love.   They   also   produced   their   own   art   work showing   how   their   hands   and   they   themselves   could   help   show   God's   love   to those   around.   Everyone   present   received   a   posy   of   flowers   and   a   card   to celebrate the day.
Bryngwran’s Evening of Easter Fun
The    evening    started    with    an    egg    hunt    for    the children   followed   by   judging   of   the   Easter   bonnets, decorated   eggs   and   Easter   pictures.   There   were many     participants     from     Bryngwran     community, Clwb    y    Drindod,    Caergeiliog    Youth    Group,    Plas Crigyll   Residential   Home   and   Hafan   Day   Centre. The   entries   were   of   such   a   high   quality   that   it   made choosing   the   eventual   winners   a   very   difficult   task for   Jan   Adams.   There   were   refreshements   and   hot dogs    served    during    the    evening    and    the    money raised     in     total     for     Bryngwran     Church     and Caergeiliog   playing   fields   to   share   between   them was   £166.85.   Thank   you   to   everyone   for   all   their hard   work   and   for   everyone's   support   in   making   it   a successful evening.
Easter Flowers in St. Michael’s Church
Good Friday and Easter Day
We    all    came    together    on    Easter morning    each    bringing    any    two types   of   flower   to   add   to   the   cross as       we       came       forward       for Communion.   The   individual   choice of      flowers      represented      each personal journey through Lent. "The   story   of   our   lives   caught   up   in God's story."
Biship Andrew’s Visit to Eglwys y Drindod, Bryngwran Sunday, 3 May, 2009
It   was   a   lovely,   bright,   sunny   day   and   the church   was   full   to   welcome   our   new   Bishop. In    the    service    we    remembered    St.Ylched and   the   Bishop   spoke   on   how   the   lives   of Saints   can   and   should   inspire   us   today   in our personal Christian walk. It    was    a    joy    to    have    the    children    from Bryngwran   Primary   School   taking   part. They sang   a   medley   of   songs   so   enthusiastically and   with   great   talent.   During   the   service   we also had two beautiful solos sung by Lyn.
Thanks   are   due   to   everyone   who took   part   and   who   helped   prepare a         wonderful         buffet         and refreshments.
Coleg Menai Welding Students Create Votive Stand for Eglwys y Drindod, Bryngwran
Three   Coleg   Menai   students   visited   Eglwys   y   Drindod   in   Bryngwran   this   week   to   present   a   votive   stand   they   have   created for   the   church.   Welding   students,   Gethin   Williams   from   Llandegfan,   Karl   Jones   from   Llannerchymedd   and   Mark   Thomas from   Holyhead   made   the   presentation   to   the   Reverend   Neil   Ridings,   Church   Warden,   Mrs   Sylvia   Owen   and   PCC   Secretary, Mrs Margaret Jones. The   Llangefni   based   first   year   students   who   are   all   studying   on   the   full   time   EMTA   PEO   NVQ   Level   2   in   Welding   and Fabrication,   created   the   stand   after   receiving   a   written   request   from   Mrs   Sylvia   Owen   along   with   a   magazine-cutting   of   the type   of   stand   required.   Course   tutor,   Islwyn   Williams   said:   “When   we   received   the   letter   with   the   request   for   a   stand   from Mrs   Owen   we   were   only   too   happy   to   help! This   project   not   only   assists   the   local   church   and   community,   it   also   fitted   in   with the   requirements   of   their   NVQ   coursework.   The   students   created   the   stand   from   scratch   using   mild-steel   –   they   came   up with   the   design,   assembled   it   using   arc-welding   and   decorative   scrolling   techniques   and   applied   a   spray   paint   to   complete the stand.” Reverend   Neil   Ridings   said:   “We’re   very   grateful   to   the   students   at   Coleg   Menai   for   creating   such   a   beautiful   stand.   It   is very   much   appreciated   and   members   of   the   congregation   can   light   a   candle,   place   it   on   the   stand   and   say   a   prayer   to remember loved ones for many years to come.”
Films and Wil Tân Friday, 10 July, 2009
We   had   a   very   successful   evening   on   10th   July,   when   Ffilmiau   Dolafon   showed   two   short   films   and   we   had   a   concert   with Wil   Tân.   We   raised   £822,   with   £190   going   towards   Ward Alaw,   Ysbyty   Gwynedd   and   £632   towards   the   work   of   Bryngwran Church. Thank you to everyone who supported us, and special thanks to Vaughan and his family for their usual generosity.
Treasure Hunt Sunday, 12 July, 2009
The   treasure   hunt   was   held   at   Penrhos   Nature Reserve   for   the   Sunday   School   and   friends.   A great    time    was    had    by    all    and    the    sun    was shining!!   There   were   four   teams   and   each   of   us had   a   sheet   of   20   questions   along   with   photos to   help   us   work   out   the   clues.   Also   en   route   we had   to   bring   leaves   back   of   certain   trees   so   it made   us   have   to   be   very   observant.   We   were all   winners   and   we   had   a   lovely   refreshing   ice lolly    at    the    end    kindly    provided    by    Bob    and Mary   who   put   the   whole   event   together   for   us. We   thank   them   for   all   their   hard   work   and   for making it a very enjoyable time.
Summer Fête 2009
The   sun   came   out   for   us   and,   despite   the showers   towards   the   end,   the   whole   day   once again   turned   out   to   be   a   wonderful   success. As   can   be   seen   from   the   photographs   a   good number   of   people   came   along   to   support   us for   which   we   are   very   grateful.   As   ever   the fête    would    not    happen    without    so    many working   so   hard   and   contributing   in   so   many ways    -    always    the    recipe    for    a    successful event! We raised £1,360 and still counting!
Annual Bilingual Communion Service St. Mary's Church, Llanfair-Yn-Neubwll Saturday, 15 August, 2009
The   Annual,   Bilingual   Communion   Service   at   St.   Mary's   Church   was   held   with   the   Rev.   Neil   Ridings   presiding   and   the address   given   by   Rev.   Hugh   Jones,   Holyhead.   The   organist   was   Mrs.   Sylvia   Owen.   The   church,   as   usual,   was   filled   to capacity   with   standing-room   only   at   the   back   and   a   congregation   consisting   not   only   of   many   local   people,   but   also   visitors and others who had travelled from away to attend. Before   the   service   began   reference   was   made   to   the   deaths   of   the   Rev.   Edgar   Jones   and   Mr. Arthur   Jones   during   the   last twelve   months.   They   had   both   played   a   very   important   part   in   our   annual   service   from   the   beginning.   The   congregation stood in silence as a mark of respect. The   church   had   been   cleaned,   as   usual,   for   the   service   by   members   of   the   Rotary   Club   of   Holyhead   and   had   been decorated   with   flowers.   Everyone   who   had   contributed   to   the   service   and   the   success   of   the   afternoon   was   thanked   by   Mr. Goronwy O. Parry for their support. Pam   Rhodes   in   her   book   "Living   and   Loved",   published   in   the   year   2000,   commented   as   follows   after   her   visit   to   St.   Mary's Church,   "Every   year,   there   is   standing-room   only   at   the   annual   service   on   the   feast   of   St.   Mary   in   this   little   church,   which   is now seldom used, but dearly loved". This is as true today as it was at the time of her visit. John Rowlands
Harvest Festival, 2009 St. Michael's Church
A      wonderful      response again   for   the   harvest   gifts which   are   being   donated to   the   Lighthouse   Centre in   Holyhead   to   support   the work    with    the    homeless and   the   needy.   Thank   you to   everyone   for   their   kind donations.
Harvest Supper, 2009 St. Michael's Church Hall
As   can   be   seen   from   the   photograph,   the   amount   of   food   supplied   was   more   than   ample.   There   was   the   usual   raffle   with many    prizes    and    with    most    people    winning    something.   The    evening    was    rounded    off    with    a    presentation    by    Bill Rogerson,   who   this   year   decided   to   give   a   show   on,   "A   Welsh   Choir   singing   in   Manchester   Cathedral".   That   choir included   two   members   of   choirs   from   our   area.   During   the   singing,   photos   were   shown   of   many   local   beauty   spots including   the   little   trains   of   North   Wales.   It   was   an   excellent   show   with   beautiful   singing   that   concluded   with   the   Welsh Anthem. A thoroughly enjoyable evening!
Switching on the Christmas Lights in Bryngwran
The   Christmas   Lights   where   switched   on   at Tony   and   Shellie's   house   in   Bryngwran   on Sunday,   6   December.   It   was   a   wonderful   turn out.   Thank   you   again   to   Tony   and   Shellie   for all   their   hard   work   that   has   gone   into   putting up   the   decorations   both   inside   and   outside the    house.    Also    thank    you    for    the    lovely mince     pies     and     refreshments     that     were provided.   All   the   donations   on   the   night   and over   the   next   few   weeks   will   go   to   Eglwys   y Drindod, Bryngwran.
Parish Christmas Meal Valley Hotel
A great night was had by all!
Family Christmas Service
A beautiful occasion.