Events 2010
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The Parish of Valley with Bryngwran and Caergeiliog
Mothering Sunday 14 March, 2010
Good Friday 2 April, 2010
The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many. (Matthew's Gospel 20:28)
Come see His hands and His feet, the scars that speak of sacrifice, hands that flung stars into space to cruel nails surrendered.
This is our God, the Servant King, He calls us now to follow Him, to bring our lives as a daily offering of worship to the Servant King.
(Graham Kendrick - 'The Servant King')
Easter Sunday 4 April, 2010
The Sunday School children made crafts on the theme of He is Risen, then led us in this song of worship.
We have a King who rides a donkey We have a King who rides a donkey We have a King who rides a donkey And His name is Jesus.
(Chorus) Jesus the King is risen Jesus the King is risen Jesus the King is risen early in the morning.
 What shall we do with our lives this morning? What shall we do with our lives this morning? What shall we do with our lives this morning? Give it up in service.
Family Service 2 May, 2010
Over   the   last   few   weeks   in   Sunday   School   we   have   been   learning about   the   importance   of   change   in   our   lives.   We   have   been   studying how   the   caterpillar   changes   into   a   beautiful   butterfly   and   comparing   it to   Jesus   when   he   came   through   death   and   out   into   the   light   of   new life,   he   was   like   a   butterfly   coming   out   of   its   chrysalis   -   the   same   but completly different, free and beautiful.
Summer Fête, 2010
A   big   THANK   YOU   to   everyone   who made    St.    Michael's    Church    Fête    a wonderful   success.   The   rain   held   off for     us     and     many     people     passed through     the     Rectory     gates.     The church     was     open     throughout     the afternoon   and   it   was   lovely   to   see   so many     people     looking     around     and spending   time   there   looking   at   the   art work    of    Jan    Ware    and    appreciating the     interior     of     the     lovely     church building. The   money   raised   on   the   day was    £1,504.26    and    money    is    still being   donated!   A   lot   of   hard   work   and planning but it was certainly worth it.
Family Harvest Service, 2010
Family Harvest Supper, 2010
Confirmation Service at St. Michael’s, 2010
It   was   a   day   of   celebration   as   four   of   our   young   members   of   the   church   were   confirmed   today   by The   Right   Rev'd   Bishop Andrew,   Bishop   of   Bangor.   The   church   was   full   to   bursting   with   family,   friends   and   church   members.   After   the   service there   was   a   wonderful   buffet   in   the   church   hall.   Thank   you   to   everyone   who   provided   the   food   and   refreshments   and helped to make the day so special for those confirmed.
The Reverend’s Sponsored Walk (with brother Kev!) 2010
The   weather   couldn't   have   been   better.   As   we followed    in    the    footsteps    of    St.    Seiriol    from Penmon   to   Clorach   Well   the   sun   shone   for   us. The   views   were   breathtaking,   including   coastal scenes   to   rolling   hills   and   wild   flowers   brought splashes   of   colour   to   the   countryside.   Of   course, there   were   those   moments   of   rest   -   to   drink   and refuel     -     opportunity     also     to     appreciate     the surrounding   beauty,   to   count   our   blessings   and thank    God.    Gratitude    expressed    in    a    quiet moment.    We    reached    Clorach    Well    thankfully without    any    injuries    or    blisters    that    needed bursting!   Thank   you   to   everyone   who   sponsored us.   The   money   is   still   coming   in   and   a   final   total will be announced soon.
Christmas Dinner, 2010
The   Parish   Christmas   Dinner   was   held   at   The   Valley   Hotel   on Thursday,    2    December,    2010.   A    time    to    relax    and    enjoy    each other's company!
Family Christmas Service, 2010
Even   though   everywhere   was   covered   in   the   depths   of   snow   and   icy   paths   we had   a   wonderful   turn   out   for   our   service.   Our   young   teenagers   and   Sunday School   led   us   in   a   very   thought-provoking   Nativity   story.   It   was   illustrated through   songs,   a   sketch   and   prayers   and   brought   the   reality   to   us   that   this story   is   still   very   much   alive   and   working   in   our   lives   today.   We   thank   all   our young   people   for   all   their   preparation   and   hard   work   in   putting   the   service together.
Thank    you    to    everyone    who came      to      help      make      the bunches   of   flowers   to   give   out at   the   end   of   the   service.   They were    very    much    appreciated by   all.   It   was   lovely   to   see   the church   so   full   and   the   Sunday School     coming     forward     to show   us   the   lovely   cards   they had made.
This   year   the   Harvest   Supper   was   held   at   'Cartio   Mon'   where   we   received   a   wonderfully   warm   welcome.   Everyone commented   on   the   high   standard   of   the   fish   and   chip   supper   we   had. The   entertainment   for   the   evening   was   provided   by Howard   Hughes.   His   magical   show   brought   fun,   laughter   and   amazement   to   young   and   old   alike.   Thank   you   for everyone's support and the £47.00 raised to be donated to Hope House.