Events 2011
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Mothering Sunday 3 April, 2011
The Parish of Valley with Bryngwran and Caergeiliog
The    theme    today    was    the    ten    different ways   God   cares   and   mothers   us   as   His children   and   they   are   also   examples   of what   we   are   asked   to   do   for   each   other and   for   others.   These   ways   are   LOVE, SACRIFICE,     FORGIVENESS,     HEART (knowing   God's   love   to   care   for   people), FOOD        (provision),        PROTECTION, GUIDANCE,        SHELTER,        SADNESS (being    there    for    people)    and    JOY.    We ended   the   service   with   the   theme   from Colossians   of   clothing   ourselves   in   love, which   binds   everything   together   in   perfect harmony.
Good Friday 22 April, 2011
See   from   his   head,   his   hands,   his   feet, sorrow   and   love   flow   mingling   down: did   e'er   such   love   and   sorrow   meet,   or thorns    compose    so    rich    a    crown? Were   the   whole   realm   of   nature   mine. that   were   an   off'ring   far   too   small;   love so   amazing,   so   divine,   demands   my soul, my life, my all.
Easter Day 24 April, 2011
A   class   of   students   were   asked   to identify   the   Seven   Wonders   of   the World.    The    list    included    Egypt's Great    Pyramids,    the    Taj    Mahal, the   Grand   Canyon,   the   Great   Wall of   China,   St.   Peter's   Basilica....... But   one   of   the   students   came   up with this list: The Seven Wonders of the World are: 1. To see 2. To hear 3. To touch 4. To taste 5. To feel 6. To laugh 7. To love. At this Easter time a gentle reminder that the most precious things in life cannot be built or bought.    Alleluia! Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!
Eglwys y Drindod (Bryngwran) Flower and Gardening Competition 6 July, 2011
St. Michael’s Church Summer Fête 16 July, 2011
The   fête   was   a   huge   success   despite   the   drizzle   for   the first   hour   or   so.   In   the   end   the   sun   came   out   strong   and many   people   came   to   see   the   magician   'Mr.   Magico'   and enjoyed   the   Punch   and   Judy   and   magic   show.   We   had   a great    variety    of    stalls    and    St.    John    came    with    an ambulance    for    everyone    to    look    around    it.    We    raised £1694.66 Thank   you   so   much   to   everyone   involved   in   the build   up   and   on   the   day   itself   in   helping   putting   it   all together. It was a very enjoyable day!
Harvest Family Service St. Michael’s
The   Harvest   Family   Service   in   St.   Michael's   was   once   again   filled   with   wonderful   produce,   tins,   biscuits   and   pasta to   donate   to   'The   Lighthouse'   in   Holyhead   towards   their   wonderful   work   looking   after   the   homeless   and   vulnerable. The   church   itself   was   decorated   with   beautiful   flower   and   vegetable   arrangements   and   a   lovely   display   of   harvest crafts by the Sunday School. A big thank you to everyone for all their hard work and donations.
Young People’s Thanksgiving Service Eglwys y Drindod, Bryngwran
Some of the children and young people who recently took part in the Young People's Thanksgiving Servcie at Eglwys y Drindod Bryngwran.
Messy Harvest Church 8 October, 2011
We   had   a   wonderful   morning   of   crafts,   storytime,   singing   and   dancing.   We had    15    children    plus    parents,    grandparents,    aunties    and    uncles    who enjoyed   getting   involved   in   the   activities   too!   Thank   you   to   everyone   for   all your   support   in   helping   and   providing   the   food   and   making   it   a   wonderful success.
Harvest Supper 14 October, 2011
Our   annual   Harvest   Supper   took   place   in   the   Church   Hall,   Valley.   We   had   homemade   soup   and   apple   pies   followed by   our   own   version   of   the   quiz   show   'Mr   &   Mrs'. Ten   couples   took   part   and   had   lots   of   fun   and   laughter.   It   made   a   very enjoyable night!
Parish Christmas Dinner 8 December, 2011
The      annual      Parish      Christmas Dinner    was    held    at    The    Valley Hotel    on   Thursday,    8    December. The    food    was    lovely    and    a    fun night   was   had   by   all   playing   bingo. The   vicar   won   even   though   he's never played before!
Messy Church 10 December, 2011
The   Christmas   Messy   Church   took   place   in the     Church     Hall,     Valley.     We     had     a wonderful     morning     of     doing     crafts     all relating   to   the   Christmas   story   and   ending at   the   crib   for   story   and   singing   time.   It   was fantastic   to   see   lots   of   children,   parents, grandparents   and   aunties   and   uncles   who all    seemed    to    really    enjoy    the    event.   A huge   thank   you   to   everyone   who   helped and supported it.
Christmas Family Service 18 December, 2011
The   theme   of   the   service   was   'What   is   Christmas   about?'   We   had   props   to   show   all   the   things   that   are   important to   us   like   Christmas   trees,   Father   Christmas,   cards,   presents,   Christmas   dinner,   being   with   family   and   friends, etc.   and   then   we   balanced   it   out   with   remembering   that   Christmas   is   also   about   those   who   are   hungry   and   cold, supporting fair trade and charities and thinking of people less fortunate than ourselves - a challenge for us all!
Carols by Candlelight 19 December, 2011