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A History of St. Cwyfan’s Church
Across the sands of porth Cwyfan about 150 - 200yds from the high-water mark is a small walled island, and perched on top of this is the small church - known locally as the 'Church in the Sea.' It is accessible at low tide from a causeway. St. Cwyfan founded his church here in the 7th Century and the present building dates back to the 11th Century. There are three arches, supported on columns, embodied in the north wall that indicate that a 16th Century aisle once stood on this site. When the causeway was impassable, due to high tides, services would be held in one of the specially consecrated rooms at the nearby 'Plas Llangwyfan' mansion. The church was restored in 1893-4.
St. Cwyfan (The Church in the Sea), Llangwyfan
Services Occasionally, depending on the tide.