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We welcome all inquiries about getting married in one of our churches. If either of you has an address within our parishes then you are entitled to be married in the parish church. The charges for weddings are not set by the parish and are subject to change. If you wish to be married then our first conversation will involve getting information for banns/license and discussion about dates. Then there follows a preparation when we consider the question of marriage, what that involves and look at the service itself. We also consider the practical implications of the day such as photographers, flowers, order of service, hymns, etc. A day or so before the wedding there will be a rehearsal. One note of warning - please don't arrange a reception prior to booking your wedding in case the church you want is not available at the appropriate time!
We welcome all who are brought for baptisms as infants or who seek baptism for themselves as children or adults. Baptisms take place in any one of our three churches. Prior to the baptism you will be asked to attend a preparation session. This is designed to consider the meaning of baptism together with what happens during the service itself. Ideally, both parents and God-parents should attend. If possible, please do not bring children with you. The session is quite informal and lasts under an hour but it is essential that there should be contact before any baptism takes place. We make no charge for baptism but there will be an opportunity to make a contribution to the upkeep of the church if you so wish.
Bereavement is a very distressing but common experience, it brings to light all manner of different feelings and emotions. Each of us act and respond in different ways to the loss of a loved one. Funerals should reflect something of the character of the person who has died and this can be done through readings, poems, hymns, music, prayers and reflections. A funeral is a time to remember and give thanks for a life, and then to commend that life into God's eternal love, hope and promises. As a Church we can offer support to bereaved families. The deceased and your family will be remembered in prayer at the time of your bereavement, and over the following weeks. If you would like someone to come and pray with you, or someone to come and pray with a loved one who is dying, please contact the Rector. Each year on the first Sunday in November we hold a service of 'The Commemoration Of All Souls'. We invite those who have lost someone over the last year to join us. Candles are lit and names read out.  
Bryngwran 3:00 pm Holy Communion (Welsh) 2ail, 4ydd Sul From 3 September, 2017: 9:00 am Sul 1af & 3ydd Sul
Llantrisant 3:00 pm Cymun Bendigaid 2nd Sunday
Valley 11:15 am Matins 1st Sunday 11:15 am Holy Communion in English 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays 10:00 am Holy Communion Every Thursday in the Church Centre followed by a Bible study.  
Weddings Baptisms Funerals If you would like any more information or would like to arrange for a wedding, baptism or funeral then please contact the Team Vicar on 01407 861663 or email Holy Trinity St Michael’s St Cwyfan’s St Edern’s St Machraeth’s St Maelog’s St Mary’s St Pabo’s
Bro Cwyfan Ministry Area
Llangwyfan Occasional, depending on the tide
Bodedern 9:30 am Holy Communion 2nd Sunday 9:30 am Cymun Bendigaid 4th Sunday
Llanfachreath 10:00 am Cymun Bendigaid 4th Sunday
Llanfaelog 10:30 am Holy Communion Every Sunday 10:00 am Holy Communion Every Wednesday
Llanbabo Occasionally
St Afran, Ieuan & Sanan’s
Llangwyfan Regular Sunday services are no longer held in St Mary's Church. Occasional services will be held and the dates and times of these will be announced well in advance. Baptisms, weddings and funerals will continue to take place when requested. Please contact Rev. Neil Ridings, 01407741242 or